Crystal LaBass, Psy.D., LMHC -
Third Culture Kids
When “Where do you come from?” is anything but a simple ice-breaker   

If you grew up moving every few years and found yourself ever adapting to new environments and norms, you are not alone.  Although this life experience is increasingly common, it is often poorly understood or overlooked by therapists. This is unfortunate given the powerful ways in which it can both enrich lives and, at times, create chaos and profound loss.  Whether you were raised in a military family, a missionary family, a family in international business, or moved frequently because of economic reasons, this experience of disruption and transition matters.   

Has no previous therapist understood how this unique upbringing affects your life or why it is an important part of who you are? 
 I have integrated my own experiences with my professional training as a psychotherapist, allowing me to bring both deep empathy for your experiences and clinical skills to our work together. We can explore the adaptations you made to a life of constant transition so that you can better understand yourself and chose the relationship you would like to have with the world around you today.   

 * Children and teens who experience frequent moves and are exposed to multiple cultural influences while growing up are commonly referred to as Third Culture Kids. This provides a unique perspective that influences how the world is seen in adulthood. When grown, these individuals are referred to as adult Third Culture Kids.  
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